Fix Slippery Pool Tiles

fix slippery pool tiles

We are regularly called out to fix slippery pool tiles that were fine when laid, but over time have become a nightmare! 

All private and particularly public swimming pools have oil slicks, not the ones from damaged bulk tankers or drilling rigs but the natural oils from the body and tanning products .

When we jump in the pool a lot of that oil leaves the body and floats on the waters surface. Eventually it will find its way to the filter. Before it gets there however it’s often deposited on the pool surround tiles when people leave the pool or splash around.

This problem is even more amplified in a heated pool where these oil is literally drawn off the body with the water temperature.

The other contributor to slippery pool tiles is the lichen and moss that can build up over winter. Often shaded by trees or buildings (particularly the rougher surface tiles) will become the ideal habitat for these plants.

General contamination can also include airborne dust particles that settle on the tiles and form a thin layer. Almost invisible to the eye these particles provide an additional  lubricant that increases the chances of a slip fall accident.

The most effective solution to reduce this buildup on the surround tiles over summer is monthly scrubbing using an enzyme based cleaner.

For the removal of the lichen or moss that took hold over winter, we recommend a high pressure clean just before Summer. We also suggest the use of a moss lichen inhibitor like 30 seconds available from Bunnings or your friendly local hardware store. 

slippery pool tilesIf, after trying all of the above solutions you still have heavy buildup of contaminates, or very slippery tiles, we recommend you bring in a specialist like Grip Systems to deep clean and chemically etch the tiles and dramatically increase wet grip.

Reduce the risk of litigation, or worst case, serious injury to family and friends, by contacting us today for a competitive quote on slippery pool tiles.

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