Slippery Shower Solution

slippery shower solution

SWISS GriP Non Slip is the superior anti-slip solution from Switzerland. This anti-slip coating was developed in 1990 for the hospitality industry and has made the bath mat a thing of the past. Since then, it has become the most used non-slip coating for baths and showers. It provides ‘Peace of Mind’ by creating a comfortable and slip-free daily shower experience

The SWISS Grip coating is clear, anti-bacterial and easy to clean with every commercial bathroom cleaner.Well suited for shower over bath installations where stepping over the edge of the bath becomes a very risk move, Swiss GriP provides that additional level of security when used in conjunction with standard hand rails.Installation is generally completed within the hour and only requires 12 hrs for a safe bare foot use, 24hrs for full cure.

slippery shower solution

  • Comfort – SWISS GriP creates a comfortable, clear non-slip finish to every surface.

  • Environmentally Friendly – SWISS GriP is a water-based, dual-component coating.

  • For every surface – SWISS GriP can be applied on shower bases, bathtubs (acrylic & steel-enamel), tiles, ceramics, marble, and other materials.

  • Aesthetics – SWISS GriP is a transparent coating and invisible in your bathroom.

  • Easy to Clean – Anti-bacterial and dirt repellent.

  • Certified in Australia – Certified by CSIRO in accordance to the Australian Standard for Slip Resistance (AS 4586).

    NonSlip Classes: P4, P5 and B.

  • SWISS-made –  Our non-slip coatings are proudly made in Switzerland.

  • Top Coat – SWISS GriP does not damage or change the surface it is applied on.

  • Used by leading hotels – including the Hilton, Sheraton, Holiday Inn, Marriott as well as aged care facilities and hospitals.

Not limited to internal surfaces Swiss GriP is widley used for any surface requiring an increased level of traction. It has featured in scenes from the Oscar winning movie “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” with Daniel Craig (James Bond).

For a slippery shower solution like Swiss GriP, the leading edge ant slip coating, contact us today for information on installation in the Melbourne metro area.

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