Fix Slippery Floors

fix slippery floors

The simplest way to Fix Slippery floors is to not let them get that way! Cleaning sound obvious, but unless you do it properly, with the right product, you will probably be chasing your tail.

Slippery floors are not only a nuisance because of the level of care required to walk across them but they can also cause serious injury to you your family or guests, and the latter can easily trigger costly litigation.

Ceramic Tiles, Marble floors and concrete garage floors and driveways can be especially slippery. Spilled water, grease, oil and dust on floor surfaces are often at the root of the problem, but some floors are slippery even when clean. Keeping the floor free of debris will help to reduce the floor’s slipperiness. There are also some agents that you can add to the floor to reduce the slipperiness of clean floors.

It’s important to understand what is it that builds up on your floors in order to take the appropriate measures required.
What you see in Fig.1 is the amount of SCOF (Static Coefficient of Friction) on a clean Dry and Wet surface plus the additional slip with various contaminates that might end up on your floor.

The amazing thing, although water and oils are a problem, one of the biggest issues is the use of a detergent (surfactant based) cleaning product. Most floor cleaning product recommend a rinse mopping, but who has the time to actually empty the soapy mop bucket, refill it with only clean hot water and then rinse mop the floor to finish off? Answer: NOBODY!

Fortunately there are products on the market that not only don’t require rinsing but also have an anti slip formula built in! One of the market leaders made here in Australia is Enzyme Wizard, this product eats the grease and grime and evaporates it into the air. Not only is rinsing unnecessary it not recommended.

If all else fails, there is the ultimate solution to fix slippery floors. Call in a professional like Grip Systems who will test, diagnose and modify the surface to permanently increase the grip under almost any conditions.You will still be responsible for keeping your floors clean but at least you wont slip over when mopping them!

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