5 Secrets to fix slippery floors

5 secrets to fix slippery floors

Because slip fall accidents and litigation are an ever increasing concern, we decide to let you know the secrets to fix slippery floors and clean and maintain their original slip-resistance.

Sometimes it is difficult to figure out exactly why the floor is so slippery, but after 20 years of slip reduction treatments, we have pretty much seen it all. From huge Hospital kitchens to Mum’s bathroom floor and everything in-between, we have managed to resolve the problem.

The most common reason a floor might be slippery is that it simply has not been cleaned properly, or as frequently as needed. Many slip fall accidents can be eliminated easily by properly cleaning the floor and using the right tools, chemicals, and equipment. Unfortunately it may not always be that simple and it’s important to understand why the surface is so slippery before you can plan your fix.

Let’s first look at the most common problems we see every day:

  • Water contamination
  • Cleaning products
  • Oil deposits
  • Surface dust
  • Floor polishing products
  • Penetrating sealers

Assuming you are a doing a good job cleaning the floors and you don’t wear roller skates, then all of these problems can be mitigated, with one of the 5 tricks of the trade.

Secret 1: If you can’t avoid the floor getting wet, then what you are experiencing is either the use of a surfactant (soap) based detergent that is allowed to dry on the surface without rinse mopping with clean hot water.

Secret 2: There is no getting away from the fact that regular cleaning of the floor is critical, but if you use the wrong products even cleaning 10 times a day won’t make a difference.
Always try to use a cleaning product that doesn’t use petroleum based degreasers or detergents (the ones that foam up when your buckets filled). We recommend an enzyme based product that doesn’t require rinsing and evaporates the grease grime, plus these type of products often contain an anti slip additive.

Secret 3: If that doesn’t fix the problem, then what you are experiencing could be aquaplaning. Like the F1 wet weather tyre which funnels the water sideways and allows the rubber to grip the road, you need to wear wet weather shoes with the same tread pattern :o). However, the best solution for this issue is to get the surface modified to allow for this water displacement to take place, no matter what footwear your wearing.

Secret 4: If the floor has been recently modified, sealed, polished or coated then there is generally a complimentary product that will increase the grip. Most of these post installation products will change the surface reflection (shine), but balance this with hospital visits, or possible litigation costs, and that satin finish top coat looks fantastic!

Secret 5: Footwear can be a major contributor to slip fall accidents. We see this often, particularly in Commercial Kitchens or anywhere that involves frying or any oil based cooking. Most, but not all of these kitchens will provide their staff with appropriate footwear for this environment. Consider the footwear you are wearing when you experience a slip, is the sole smooth or ribbed? is it leather or rubber? If you are prepared to slip into footwear more appropriate for the surfaces you are concerned about then that may be the simplest fix for all of the above!

These 5 secrets to fix slippery floors should go a long way to resolving your issue, however, if you need a professional to take a look, then please contact us now at Grip Systems and we can provide you with advice or a free no obligation quotation (Melbourne Metro area).

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