Non Slip floor Treatment for Aged Care

Non Slip floor Treatment for Aged Care

A Non Slip floor treatment for Aged Care is critical, and maintaining the integrity of areas exposed to water contamination is an ongoing concern for Retirement Homes and Villages as well. Unless the facility was constructed after 2010 they may also not comply with the current AS4568 standard.

Up until 2010 these surfaces only had to demonstrate compliance to a “duty of care” and or local council requirement. The result of this minimum compliance was the continuing increase in slip fall incidents being reported.

Fortunately compliance prior to 2010 included the installation of support rails and special access fittings has helped in limiting these incidents.

As Insurance and Public Liability providers continued to monitor slip fall incidents it has become obvious that their existing clients whose flooring did not meet the newer standards were exposing the provider and the Aged Care Facility to an increased risk of litigation, as well as potential injury to the aging clients in residence.

These risks to the aged residents was being realized in significant increases in slip fall accidents resulting in long term or sometimes fatal injuries. The most common outcome of these falls were hip replacement surgeries, which often leads to a series of more serious health issues in this age group.

Ceramic tiles and vinyl flooring typically used in these older special access bathrooms, kitchens pool, change rooms and outdoor public areas often exhibit a very low SCOF (Surface Co-Efficient of Friction) without anti slip treatment and there was little formal documented data to support the inherent slip risk, particularly when they were exposed to water contamination from spills or transfer from shoes or wet weather gear..

Today however there is ample documentation from not only Standards Australia and the C.S.I.R.O but many Insurance companies that have taken the time to investigate the underlying cause of these accidents and give minimum requirements for the results required using non slip floor treatments.

It is now incumbent for all Aged Care Facilities and Retirement complexes in Australia to conduct formalized NATA or ATTAR testing at their site to identify any areas of risk and then to ensure they undertake proactive actions to minimize these risks. In most states this testing is readily available and inexpensive.

A professionally applied Non Slip floor treatment for Aged Care facilities will dramatically reduce these risks. In carrying out these works facility managers in demonstrating their “duty of care” compliance will also meet their insurance cover requirements.

With improved health care and lifestyle the average life expectancy continues to grow, unfortunately the frailty and motor skills deteriorate correspondingly. These increases not only force Aged Care Facilities but society in general to take additional precautions to ensure slip fall accidents are kept to a minimum.

Grip Systems will provide the right anti slip treatment to meet “duty of care” or Australian Standards compliance in Aged Care Facilities or anywhere you need to be safe. Contact us today at for further information.

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