Slip and Fall the DANGER Zones

slip and fall the danger zones

If ignored, the non slip properties of these zones represent a real risk around the home, unattended they can lead to serious legal consequences if a customer, visitor or your employee fall due to a slippery floor in your premises? These types of injuries attract lawsuits and apart from potentially huge legal fees, you may also have to pay a huge sum of money for their medical treatment. Statistics reveal that over 540,000 individuals need hospitalization each year for slip & fall injuries, and more than 450 of them succumb to their injuries. Opting for a professional non slip floor treatment helps prevent these injuries from taking place.

Treating your kitchen’s floorslip and fall the danger zones
These types of accidents occur in residences too, particularly in the kitchen that have ceramic, granite or marble floors. Can you imagine the injuries you can suffer from if you slipped on an invisible pool of water in your kitchen caused due to a leaking water dispenser, and, in an instinctive attempt to break your fall, grabbed a container full of boiling hot oil, causing it to fall on you?

Safeguarding the floor of your bathroom
Soapy buildup on the bathroom floor, caused due to irregular cleaning, results in an excessively slippery surface… resulting in slips and injuries. You can prevent these injuries from taking place by opting for a slippery floor treatment for the floor of your kitchen and bathroom.

Solving slippery staircase problems

staircase without nosing
Strictly speaking, you cannot classify staircases as floors. However, using it to ascend and descend from one floor of your apartment to the other can be dangerous, particularly if you have cleaned the steps and the water has not yet dried. You should cordon off the area until the steps have dried. You can also install approved stair nosing which will aid traction.

Solving slippery roof problems
Lack of proper drainage causes accumulation of water on the roof. This leads to growth of algae on its surface and makes it dangerously slippery. Applying oxygen bleach (available on online stores) to your roof will remove algae from its surface. Mix the bleach with warm water, apply it on the affected area, and scrub it with coarse steel wool. Rinse the treated areas thoroughly and let it dry. Remove heavy buildups of algae by scraping it with a stiff putty knife before the oxygen bleach treatment.

Treaded surfaces to the rescue
Have you ever wondered why your car does not skid on a wet surface when you apply the brakes? It is due to the unique tread pattern on the tyres exterior, designed to displace water as well as maintain the highest possible coefficient of friction. This is a value, used in physics, to show the force of friction between two objects and the normal force between them.

You can take advantage of this property by applying non slip stair tread covers and stair treads on your staircase. You can install them while constructing new stairs or retrofit them over existing ones. You can also opt for models that have a treaded surface and contain a self-adhesive black. Clean the surface of the steps, cut the treaded strip to the required size, remove the silicon paper from its backside to expose the adhesive and apply it on the surface.

Protecting the floor of your patio
You can also use this rubber tread surface to coat the floor of your patio. Check the quality and longevity of the product before you buy it. You should always purchase it from an online store that has replacement parts readily available and offers a wide range of aesthetically pleasing products. Contact a professional for the selection process unless you have thorough knowledge about the profile and slip resistance required to make the area safe.

Using anti skid tiles for your kid’s bedroomtripping hazzards for children
Kids love to run around in their bedroom while playing. As a responsible parent it is your duty to see that they do not suffer any injuries. Apart from avoiding sharp edged furniture, you should use anti skid tiles in their bedroom.

Cleaning the floor of your garage
Apart from making your garage look bad, grease and oil stains on its floor can ruin your shoes and also cause falls. You should first clean the floor of all traces of oil and grease before applying an anti skid coating with non slip properties.

Soles and wet floors
Unfortunately shoes with leather soles rarely have treads on them and lose their grip when you walk on wet tiles. Shoes with treaded rubber soles on the other hand, provide proper traction on general surfaces and should be worn if you are working or walking across floors with smooth, wet or shiny surfaces.

The surface of your furniture
Are you worried about crockery slipping and falling off from your dining table because of its glossy surface? You can resolve this problem by applying transparent anti skid pads on its surface. Apart from solving the problem, carefully chosen, these pads will maintain the decor of your dining room.

Why opt for a professional?
To eliminate or reduce risk in theses slip and fall danger zones the best option is to get in touch with specialists who use special technology to modify the surface of your floor. This allows for rapid dispersal of water from its surface as well as increasing the amount of dry contact area between the surface of the floor and the soles of your shoe. Remember, a professional will first evaluate the non slip properties of your floor by spraying water on it and then check its coefficient of friction (COF). If the value measured is less than 0.55 they will modify the surface of the floor, without damaging its sheen.

stair nosing installation Melbourne

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