This surface treatment involves a chemically induced change to the exposed tile or stone. The resulting surface acts like a car tyre and disperses water or any liquids away from the downward force of a footstep creating a dry contact area for increased traction.

This type of treatment has many features and advantages some of which are:

*Long effective service life
*No Color change
*Instant access (no dry time)
*Fast treatment times

For this surface treatment to work the surface must contain calcium carbonate, fortunately most natural stone and man-made tiles have a consistent distribution of this element, however we will always test the floor prior to recommending a solution. Depending on the composition of the tile and the level of grip required there may be some reduction in refraction (shine).


We offer professional installation of Dr.Schutz, the worlds leading soft surface (resilient) coating. This surface treatments for vinyl & timber fully complies with the new AS4586 rating code requirements in new construction. This innovative products provides a P3-5 classification where it’s needed most.

Suitable for resilient surfaces like timber, vinyl and epoxy surfaces this solution is extremely tough and long wearing. It can also be tinted to provide identification of area type or security levels.

Great in environments such as food preparation areas, hospital, kitchens, bathrooms, medical labs or any resilient internal or undercover surface. We can also provide UV resistant anti slip treatments for many types of external surfaces.

Based on the environment, the volume and type of foot traffic this coating can last up to 3 years. Dr. Shutz is easily touched up without stripping, in heavy traffic areas like doorways and narrow corridors. 


Non Slip StairsWhen selecting an Anti slip stair nosing product, it is critically important to ensure the product meets the AS1428.4.1 standard and has lasting proven performance. It should be low maintenance, aesthetically pleasing and has replacement inserts readily available. Selection of the correct profile and slip resistance are the two most critical aspects. Choices should be researched thoroughly or left to a professional installer to ensure all critical criteria will be met.

Carborundum Nosing Industrial hard wearing Anti slip stair nosing in high contrast colors is available up to an R-13 slip resistance rating, providing the ultimate in slip resistance. This tough wearing nosing is suitable for Industrial installations and fire escape stair applications both inside and out.

Generic anti slip nosing comes in a huge range of colors and profiles, it can be installed onto a variety of surfaces which include vinyl, tiles, concrete, and timber. Reinforced nosing is available for installation on carpets and the back ribs eliminates flexing. These products are generally suited for internal use, however some of the heavier gauge nosing’s are suitable for external applications. These will generally provide a R-10 rating.


marble surface treatmentsOur newest surface treatment TCS (Traction Control System) has been specially formulated to provide an extremely tough wearing shield on polished high porosity finishes like marble, granite, porcelain and man made stone.

Maintained properly TCS will provide a safer surface  for up to 2 years. With the regular use of an enzyme based cleaning product like Enzyme Wizard  your floors will maintain the effectiveness of the anti slip treatment for many years.

The highly specialized silicone  cures to an incredibly polished hard finish. It is especially effective in foyers and reception entry areas where presentation is critical. Unlike some surface modification treatments, TCS will not trap or hold dirt, so regular mopping is all that is required to keep the floor looking great! In fact, at most of our installations the surface shine has actually been enhanced. The big difference is the increase in slip resistance and are much safer to walk on when wet!

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